code of behaviour, our objectives and treating customers fairly

Avelease treating customers fairly…

As a finance brokerage ATF Commercial Limited trading as Avelease are committed to treating all our business customers fairly in full support of the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) Treating Customers Fairly objectives.

We are committed to deliver to each and every business customer a high quality professional service which is constantly reviewed for ways in which our service can be improved.

fair treatment means…

Dealing with our business customers personally, promptly and professionally in a way that encourages the development of a long term relationship.

We will provide clear and transparent communications in respect of all business financial products we offer.

Aligned to your needs and circumstances we will take care to ensure suitability of any financial product or advice given to you and at the same time allow you good time to read and consider any terms and conditions thereon.

We will ensure that our advertising and any promotional material is simple, clear, concise and in accordance with all relevant guidelines.

We will respect feedback from our customers on the service we provide and areas where we could improve.

We will ensure that our staff are kept up to date with thorough training on all products they recommend and in matters affecting the quality of service offered to our customers.

We will ensure that any customer conflicts of interest are managed fairly.

We will ensure that any complaint received from our customers are recorded, dealt with promptly and fairly and implement any improvements as to how our service can be improved.

Avelease Objectives and Code of Behaviour

Our Code of Behaviour sets out how we will seek to achieve the business objectives Avelease has laid down for itself.

Avelease Objectives…

  1. To operate and maintain a profitable finance brokerage business within the UK business asset finance sector.
  2. To act honestly and professionally, within the law and in accordance with all relevant regulations.
  3. To respect and treat all stakeholders fairly throughout this process.

Code of Behaviour…

ATF Commercial Limited trading as Avelease is correctly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to trade as a credit brokerage operating in the UK business asset finance sector and will seek to take all reasonable steps necessary to remain so.

Avelease operates as an independent finance brokerage and we will seek to adhere to and promote an ethos of responsible lending, acting professionally with due care, integrity and diligence across all aspects of its business and that when mandated do so, Avelease will only introduce UK business customers, seeking business asset finance, to those finance providers who will behave in a similar manner and to ensure that they too are appropriately licensed to facilitate such broker introductions.

Being an independent credit brokerage Avelease, unless mutually agreed, does not charge its customers any fees for the services it provides and is not tied, in any way, to any single financial institution or financial product, and Avelease will seek to maintain such independence, at all times, in the provision of introducing potential business customers to potential business lenders and hirers solely on an independent basis.

Avelease derives its income from its brokerage activities, by way of a single payment of commission from the lender or hirer, subject to its contractual obligations with the lender or hirer, which is only payable to Avelease upon successful completion, by our business customer of such financial products.

Avelease will take all reasonable steps to satisfy itself that any third party financial product offered is not unsuitable for the business customer giving due consideration to their needs and circumstances.

It is further acknowledged that Avelease are not acting as the agent of any of its supporting finance providers but on their own behalf as a licensed credit broker and as such Avelease cannot and will not make contractual arrangements or representations with any customer on behalf of any of its finance providers.

Avelease will only present to its UK business customers third party financial documentation only intended to be suitable for the provision of Leasing, Hire Purchase and other similar finance facilities within the UK business asset sector. Such documentation will provide the proposed customer with all the key information, including any fees and costs payable, highlighting any rights of cancellation, needed at the time of entering into the contract.

Avelease will not pressurise clients to enter into contracts, nor deal with financial providers or suppliers who are known to do so.

Both Avelease and its financial providers will ensure their respective staff are continually trained in respect of relevant regulations and expected codes of conduct.

All parties will seek to ensure that financial arrangements and or the equipment concerned are not in any way mis-sold, whether it be on price, capability, quality or fitness for purpose.

Avelease has a broad base of business customers from all regions of the UK and will ensure that any conflicts of interest, between ourselves, or one customer and another, is managed fairly.

Avelease values its own reputation and will seek to protect itself against fraudulent activities and will expect same of all parties by applying appropriate due diligence processes to customers, suppliers and proposals, whether new to them, or not. Avelease will report any suspicious actions or activity by any party and at any stage of a transaction.

When a business customer finance enquiry is received by Avelease, either direct from the end user customer, supplier led or referred to us from one of our finance providers, Avelease will seek to ensure that the lead party and end user is known to us and take appropriate steps to understand their needs and requirements which would include all aspects of the end user customer’s circumstances, financial or otherwise, particularly their likely ability to repay any subsequently agreed finance facility, along with matters such as whether the goods are considered fit and proper for their business, priced sensibly taking into account if they are new, used or reconditioned. Such information attained might affect Avelease’s judgement in deciding whether to enter into any finance brokerage arrangement for such an enquiry.

Avelease shall at all times respect all personal information supplied to them by customers and will comply fully with the Data Protection Act 1998 and shall inform customers, by way of providing them with a copy of our standard Privacy Policy, as to the purpose for which this information is intended to be used, stored and disclosed, by Avelease and its supporting finance providers, before such information is given by the customer.

Avelease operates an effective complaints handling procedure and expects the full support of financial providers and equipment suppliers in applying this to resolve any issues arising and will treat all genuine complaints openly and fairly, seeking to resolve them to each party’s satisfaction.

Avelease generally does not hold customer monies but in the event that we do Avelease will, at all times, hold good adequate protection of customer assets when it is responsible for them.

As a responsible finance brokerage Avelease, at all times, will take reasonable care to organise, conduct and control its affairs, effectively supported by adequate risk management systems and maintain adequate financial resources in order to do so.

Avelease will at all times operate within the law and will deal with all regulators in an open and cooperative manner and will disclose to any such regulator anything relating to Avelease that the regulator would reasonably expect.

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